Get ready for the trip - part V - what to take?

Get ready for the trip - part V - what to take?

Regardless of whether you are going on a trip for the first time or you already have dozens of trips behind you, packing is always the biggest nightmare. The worst moment is when we get to the place and realize that we did not take something with us. Therefore, especially for you, we have prepared a list of the most important things that you should take with you on a journey.

The short version can be downloaded in PDF format at the end of the article.

Documents and money

It is best to start packing by preparing all documents related to our journey. It is best if you have a case / sachet for documents, in which everything can be hidden.

  • personal documents: ID card, passport; optional: driving license, student ID
  • cash, ATM card
  • insurance documents, e.g. European Health Insurance Card
  • booking confirmation and contact details for the place of accommodation
  • transport tickets and boarding passes
  • ICE card - contains contact for people who will be able to provide information about the injured person's health to emergency services

Remember! Check the validity of your personal documents. Take photos of your documents or scans before you travel (take them with you) - if you lose them you will be able to get help easily.


The next stage of packing is the preparation of luggage for all electronic devices. To transport electronics safely and conveniently, you can use the pouch for electronic devices. You can store your smartphone in a phone pouch, and the lens in a special case.

  • smartphone / cellphone + charger
  • headphones
  • camera / camcorder + charger (optional: memory card)
  • adapters for outlets
  • adapters for memory cards


Probably a few hours will pass before you reach your destination, so ensure yourself the best comfort when traveling.

  • travel pillow, sleeping band, earplugs
  • book, e-book, favorite magazine, guidebooks + pen
  • wet wipes, antibacterial gel


Unfortunately, also during the trip something bad may happen to us - we can get sick, get a headache or be participants of a collision etc. Therefore, it is worth taking with you things that will help us to help.

  • first aid kit (bandages, plasters, swabs, thermal foil, etc.)
  • prescription drugs
  • analgesic, anti-diarrheal, laxative and anti-emetic agents / tablets
  • ampoule with adrenaline (medicines for allergy sufferers)
  • vitamin
  • cream for burns
  • mosquito and other insect spray
  • eye drops


Depending on where you plan to go and the length of the trip, it's important to choose the right type of luggage. You can pack your things, among others in a backpack, a suitcase on wheels or a travel bag.


Remember to pack the right clothing for the purpose of the trip, as well as the time of year in which you travel. If it is not possible to wash your underwear, you must have a clean supply. It is also worth having something rainproof and warmer clothes in case of cold.

  • shoes: trekking, sports, sneakers, sandals, flip flops
  • T-shirts
  • long pants and shorts
  • underwear
  • thermal clothing
  • sweatshirts (fleece, SoftShell, to wear every day)
  • belt
  • gloves
  • sunglasses
  • jacket (preferably if it is rainproof and windproof)
  • hat, baseball cap
  • pajamas
  • jewelry
  • swimsuit


A cosmetic bag equipped with personal hygiene accessories is needed at every trip.

  • toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash
  • bathing gel, shampoo and hair conditioner
  • brush / comb
  • sunscreen cream
  • towel
  • shaving kit
  • optional: mirror, perfume, hair cosmetics, deodorant / perfume, mini sewing kit, nail file, makeup cosmetics


Before setting off on a journey, make sure you have somewhere to come back. Here is a list of the most important things you should do to avoid destroying your apartment or worse - your neighbors.

  • take care of animals and plants
  • close all windows and doors carefully
  • turn off air conditioning and heating
  • close the central water valves and the gas valve
  • pay bills
  • leave as little food as possible in the fridge (preferably empty)
  • unplug electronic devices
  • set the autoresponder in your electronic mailbox
  • if you are going away for longer, ask someone you trust to check your apartment sometimes
Now that everything has been checked and packaged, it remains to wish us a happy journey and a lot of joy!

Author: Joanna Rassmus

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