Get ready for the trip - part IV - gadgets and essentials

Get ready for the trip - part IV - gadgets and essentials

Trips, whether short or long, require packing the right equipment. Check out 20 gadgets and essentials that are worth taking with you on a journey.

  1. Kidney sachet – works regardless of the direction of travel, allowing you to keep all your valuables in one place.
  2. Multitool – a handy pocket gadget that combines tools useful in various situations. Depending on the size, the multitools include bottle openers, a knife, a glass breaker, a nail file, scissors, as well as various types of screws and ring wrenches etc.
  3. First aid kit – we never know what can happen during our trip, which is why the first aid kit is a must for every traveler.
  4. ICE card / infoband / keyring or blood group patch – in the event of loss or accident, helpers will know who to inform and will know our basic medical data.
  5. Powerbank – we take our telephone or other electronic devices that require charging with us on most trips. That is why it is worth taking a portable battery / charger in the form of a powerbank.
  6. Waterproof cover – regardless of your trip, it's important to be sure that your most valuable items are properly secured. Waterproof covers and waterproof bags or cases are perfect for water activities, e.g. kayaking.
  7. Survival kit – a must have for every tourist. Equipment placed inside of the kit increases the chances of survival and improves comfort in difficult or adverse circumstances.
  8. Multifunctional scarf buff – a wardrobe item that works in all weather conditions, regardless of the direction of travel - on hot days it will serve as a headgear to protect against sunstroke, in cold and windy climates it will protect the neck from cold wind, in a desert environment it will work as a mask to protect against dust and sand.
  9. Storm (incandescent) lighter – an irreplaceable gadget that provides fire in all conditions. Incandescent lighters can be used up to 3000 m a.s.l., moreover, they are resistant to wind and other adverse weather conditions.
  10. 3in1 and 5in1 tourist cutlery – food is an important element of travel, so to save as much space as possible, special sets of tourist cutlery were created. The 3in1 models contain basic accessories: spoon, knife and fork, while the 5in1 models are additionally equipped with a can / bottle opener and a corkscrew.
  11. Thermal mug / thermos – hydration of the body is an extremely important element of travel, especially if we are talking about active rest. Although most people associate thermoses with hot drinks, they can also be used to keep cold drinks cool.
  12. Carabiner – an inconspicuous gadget that facilitates many a journey. Carabiners allow you to attach objects that you want to have at your fingertips, e.g. a water bottle or keys.
  13. Paracord bracelet – is not only a stylish clothing accessory, but also a gadget that will help us in a difficult situation. After untangling, the paracord cord will allow you to secure your equipment, replace a broken shoelace in the shoe or allow you to hang your laundry on the bivouac.
  14. Antibacterial gel / wet wipes – we don't always have access to running water during our trip, which is why antibacterial gels or wet wipes will help maintain personal hygiene and will be perfect for many trips.
  15. Organizer – a gadget useful for anyone who spent more than a dozen minutes searching for something in a bag. The organizers allow you to store your equipment in an orderly manner, so you don't have to be nervous anymore when you want to find something.
  16. Handy sewing kit – as the old saying "cautious always insured" says - a hole in a sock or a detached button on the shirt can also happen during travel, so it's good to be prepared for such a situation and bring a mini repair kit for our things.
  17. Travel cushion (inflatable or self-inflating) – provides comfort both when traveling by car and by plane. It also guarantees a feeling of relaxation after a long hike.
  18. Mosquito spray – regardless of where we decide to go, insects will find us everywhere. Therefore, it is worth taking a mosquito spray or other insects with you.
  19. Money Belt – security is an important element of any trip, if you are afraid of theft or loss of money, be sure that you keep it in a safe place. Ideally suited for such situations are straps with an internal money pocket or specially designed sachets, so-called money belt.
  20. Adapter for sockets – preparing for departure is not only packing clothes, but also taking with you various types of electronic equipment. Therefore, when choosing to another country, it is worth taking with you an adapter to the socket or adapter to make sure that our devices will be able to serve us during the entire trip.

Author: Joanna Rassmus

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