Flints, burners and igniters - what is worth knowing about them?

Flints, burners and igniters - what is worth knowing about them?

When planning trips, it is worth equipping yourself with accessories for the efficient lighting of the fire and for heating food. However, which of the available solutions is the best - should you choose survival flints, tourist burners, or maybe igniters? Read on and see the answer to this question.

Reliable survival flints

The ability to light a fire in difficult conditions may prove invaluable not only in the event of an unexpected extension of the trip, but also when it is necessary to prepare a warm meal and dry clothes. However, knowing effective ways to light a fire and using them in an exemplary way in practice is only half the battle. The latter are accessories that make it easier to obtain a flame, such as magnesium flint, or in the automatic version - more suitable for beginners.

Flints allow you to start a fire quickly and conveniently. Even in demanding conditions! Flints can be used in conjunction with the included sparks plates or together with a survival knife. To create a spark efficiently, choose one of two basic techniques:

  1. The plate or knife is held motionless and the movements are made with a flint.
  2. The flint is held motionless and the movements are made with the attached plate or the back of the knife.

Lighters, cookers and gas burners

When buying accessories necessary for the expedition, it is also worth checking other tools that make it easier to light a fire, e.g. igniters. They are an alternative to the classic survival flint. They do not require rubbing - just press the button and the flame will appear in a moment. Due to the fact that some of the lighters use piezoelectric firing, you don't even have to use matches.

The igniters will also be useful for firing tourist cookers with knobs for adjusting the size of the flames and suitcase models, which are a worthy proposition from our offer. We recommend Elico cookers with a suitcase attached to the set. The device is light and portable, and at the same time durable, so it is perfect for trips. After the trip, you will successfully use them on the plot.

Additionally, gas burners that are fueled or filled with propane-butane can be considered. From the piezoelectric burner, at the touch of a button, you can bring out a powerful flame that will instantly ignite coal or wood. The largest devices of this type are used to burn out weeds, while the smallest will be useful in the kitchen for preparing brûlée. For touring use, it is best to choose intermediate-size models.

Which solution is best?

So, as you can see, both magnesium flints and burners or igniters can be effective in helping to light a fire. However, which of the solutions is the best? Flints are by far the most reliable - they are resistant to damage and fulfill their function well even in bad weather. Using flints requires practice, but once the technique is mastered, they do not cause any problems.

The biggest advantage of igniters and tourist burner is intuitive operation. It is enough to equip yourself with good quality equipment and stay safe while using it. However, it should be remembered that these devices may be susceptible to damage, while burners usually require the purchase of a cartridge. So if, during the trip, in addition to cooking on the cooker, you plan to light a fire in unfavorable conditions, put a survival flint in the bag - it will perfectly complement your equipment.

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