Fashionably and warm - 3 tips on how to dress in fall

Fashionably and warm - 3 tips on how to dress in fall

The beginning of autumn can be tiring. Especially when it comes to the weather and how to choose the right outfit for it. In theory, this may seem very simple. However, this differs theory from practice in that it does not always work. For cool mornings and evenings, and a slightly warmer midday, an outfit has to be layered. Definitely! So that the thermal comfort is always at the right level.

How to dress in fall? This is the time of year when it's easiest to get an unwanted infection. That is why it is so important to protect yourself with well-chosen clothes.

Keep your body temperature right

The layer of clothing closest to the body helps regulate the temperature. Its task is to move sweat as far away from your skin as possible. A well-chosen layer should not make you sweat. It will keep the skin temperature at one level. So as to avoid freezing and overheating the body. You must be familiar with this state when you have dressed too warm and sweated. The evening coolness made you feel a bit colder - and in the morning you wake up with a cold. A well-chosen t-shirt and pants will help maintain the right body temperature.

Use a solid insulation

Keep warm close to your body. In such a situation, the morning cold will not penetrate your bones! In such a situation, a transition jacket is the best solution. It is not thin enough to make you feel cold and not so thick that you feel too hot. During the morning walk to work, it is good to have it. The material is designed to insulate against temperature drops. When the weather improves during the day, you can always take the jacket off or wear it unbuttoned. The feeling of your comfort is the most important.

Protect yourself from the Weather

You must pay attention to the fact that the clothes you wear protect you from wind or rain. Therefore, it is best if the garment is waterproof and breathable. It's a type of clothing for every aura. In autumn, even at the beginning, when temperatures are around 20 ° C, it is better to wear long pants. They will keep you warm in the morning when the breath from your mouth is more and more visible. Pants in such weather should be functional. Multiple pockets go hand in hand with this. Especially when the evening is less pleasant, you can always put your hands in the pockets of your pants or jacket.

Our idea for an autumn outfit that combines style and thermal comfort is as follows. The Performance Tactical Condor polo shirt is made of polyester that guarantees constant air circulation. Therefore, it is perfect for autumn. In addition, it has pockets at the collar, which increases its functionality. Airborne Vintage Surplus cargo pants complete with a tightening strap that allows for proper adjustment. A good alternative to the classic belt. Pants with high practicality of use. All because of the 8 pockets. If you want to additionally protect the skin of the legs against the cold, you can use strings that are located in the legs. The Portland Brandit Transitional Jacket is an autumn version of the Flyer. It is a perfect complement to the above cargo pants. The jacket is made of nylon that is pleasant to the touch. The collar and sleeves are finished with welts. The whole is characterized by high resistance to tears and abrasions.

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year. It provides great views. Especially our Polish one. However, when admiring them ends with a runny nose or coughing, the spell is broken. Thanks to our tips, you will know what to look for when choosing clothes. So that you look fashionable and warm!

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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