Dog attack - what to do when a dog attacks?

Dog attack - what to do when a dog attacks?

Growing up in the countryside where loose dogs were commonplace, I became something of an expert at avoiding attack by aggressive animals. I do not count how many times a dog chased me, bit me or knocked me down to the ground. Each of these situations gave me a general idea of the behavior of aggressive animals, I learned to read their intentions and act in such a way as to prevent them from attacking. Why am I mentioning this on the Milworld blog? Because an aggressive dog can surprise us wherever we develop our passions. From urban areas, to areas dominated by ASG fans, to forests.

Aggressive sheepdog on the way to work

A few years ago, on my way to work, I was attacked by a German Shepherd Dog. He ran to me from behind and grabbed my leg with his teeth. Instinctively, I turned around and gave him a kick with my free foot. Then I was more fortunate than of sense, because the dog curled its tail and ran away. If he hadn't, I wouldn't have had a chance in a direct battle.

When did I go wrong? In fact, even before I responded to the shepherd dog attack. The main mistake was not noticing him in time.

How to avoid a dog attack?

Every time an aggressive dog got in my way, it was the same relationship. The animal only attacked when I turned my back on it. Over time, I started testing it on smaller specimens. When I was turned away, they ran to grab my leg. It was enough to turn to face them and they jumped back 3 meters.

Below, I present an experience-based instruction on what to do in case you encounter an aggressive dog:

  1. Read the intentions of your four-legged friend. If the dog is only barking without wrinkling the skin on its face, not ruffling its fur or growling, it is a sign that it is simply defending its territory. Do not get in his way and avoid him with a wide berth, all the time facing the dog.
  2. If you experience the other symptoms mentioned in the first point, you are dealing with an aggressive animal that wants to attack you for some reason. Do not encourage him to do so and, while remaining facing the dog, slowly back off. There is a chance the dog will leave you alone.
  3. If it doesn't, and the dog reacts to each of your steps backward with two steps forward, you're in a mess. You will definitely be attacked. Now you have to act fast. Climb a nearby tree or jump over the fence. If you have nowhere to run, start screaming for help. There is a good chance that the owner will show up and summon the dog.

How to fight a wild dog?

Nobody shows up? You have to prepare for the attack. You have two options: act as the school textbooks say, huddling on the ground and waiting to die, or take off your sweatshirt, wrap it around your forearm and stick it out in front of you. When the dog jumps and grits its teeth on the secured forearm, bring it down to the ground floor and press it down with the weight of your own body. Then keep it on the ground until it calms down and lets go.

Not only in case of a dog attack, it is worth knowing how to properly complete the first aid kit and take it with you before going on a trip. Feral dogs aren't the only animals to watch out for - be careful from the largest, such as bears and wolves, to the smallest. In one of the previous articles, I answered the question whether you should be afraid of ticks, and soon I will try to prepare an entry for you about these really large animals. That's it for now.

Author: Kajetan Wilczyński

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