Coffee lover's backpack - accessories for brewing coffee at the campsite

Coffee lover's backpack - accessories for brewing coffee at the campsite

After a hard walk, cycling kilometers or a canoe trip, it's time to start camping. It is a time of preparation for the next day, but also a moment of relaxation, during which coffee will come in handy. Nay - many people cannot imagine a trip without a cup of black coffee. Once you have set up the seat and table, or sat down comfortably on the sleeping mat, you reach into your backpack for coffee. You pull out the black beans - ground or whole if you have a grinder with you - and the whole ceremony begins. Read the entry to find out which accessories will be useful for making coffee in nature. We invite you to read!

Small coffee in the forest. Making coffee on a tourist cooker

There is much debate about the brewing temperature of coffee. Some people talk about boiling water, others about 90°C, and where baristas are six, there is nothing to drink. One thing is certain - if you do not want to make coffee in cold water, i.e. the cold brew method, you should light a fire or equip yourself with a camping stove. The use of gas or petrol burners is the easiest way to heat the water while camping. It is enough to disassemble the equipment, unscrew the valve and set fire to the fuel over which the vessel will be heated.

For gas cookers, you need a propane-butane gas cartridge. Remember that the cartridge is compatible with the burner, which can be screwed in or knocked in. If your campsite is windy, consider using an aluminum torch cover. The wind shield will effectively protect the flame, and thus - will save you on gas.

What kettle to take on a journey into the unknown?

Coffee can be brewed even in a mug or pot. It is enough to use the cowboy method, which consists in pouring coffee into the boiled water and gently heating the mixture. Amateurs of comfort, however, will certainly find a place for a tourist kettle in the backpack. Made of aluminum or stainless steel, the vessel has two advantages - the water placed in the kettle boils faster, and the whistle informs you when it is boiling.

A real coffee lover will also consider a real teapot, i.e. a moka pot. The steel tourist coffee maker has an Instagram-like look, but travelers do not reach for it only because of its design. It is about the perfect taste of a black drink obtained from a coffee pot and about the convenience of using a handy teapot. Just pour the coffee into the strainer and pour water over the bottom of the moka pot. A long handle allows you to hang the coffee maker over the fire, but you can also put the coffee maker on the burner.

An interesting proposition for coffee lovers is also a portable coffee machine that does not require electricity. The compact model works on the pressure generated by the knob and button. The advantage of the gadget, which even fits in a pocket, is the possibility of disassembly into parts, which facilitates washing the device.

Enameled mugs for camping

When you turn off the gas in the stove, it's time to enjoy your favorite drink, but first you need to find the right vessel. There are plastic, rubber and steel travel mugs to choose from, including thermal models. The advantage of plastic dishes is their low weight, but they are not very durable. The exception is the foldable cups made of thermoplastic rubber, which are flat when folded and flexible, therefore not prone to impacts.

Of course, the most durable and the longest-holding heat of the dishes are made from steel. This alloy is sometimes enameled, which increases both aesthetic value and corrosion resistance. The enamel on the cups is a layer of powdered minerals that give the accessories a fantastic retro look. You can choose white on the sides and navy blue enamel mugs at the top, as well as blue models with characteristic white dots.

After you finish drinking coffee, you need to clean all the dishes. Not everyone likes to wash in the field (or at all), and especially to these people, it is worth recommending accessories that will make it easier to wash pots outside the home. It is enough to use a folding tourist sink, which is flat when folded, and can hold 13 liters of water when unfolded. This is where you dip dirty cups, helping yourself with the appropriate cleaning fluid. For outdoor washing, it is better not to use household detergents, but only environmentally neutral soaps. You can put cleaning liquids in tourist detergent bottles, which take up little space - they are perfect for a cosmetic bag.

Author: Tomasz Świgoń

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