Close Quarters Battle on Black Friday

Close Quarters Battle on Black Friday

Organized anti-terrorist actions provide a lot of emotions, especially when we can admire them on a TV or laptop screen. In more than one movie, we can see the complicated activities of special units that try to rescue hostages or stop dangerous criminals. Close Quarters Battle is certainly an extremely interesting field. There is no room for error in the schemes in which the units act. That is why the training of members of special formations is so important. Often the lives of action participants depend on one another. In this post we will try to bring, what exactly is Close Quarters Battle.

CQB - what exactly is it?

This phrase primarily refers to fighting the opponent in confined spaces, that is, in buildings or vehicles (buses, trains, airplanes). In this way, rooms are captured and a fight is fought inside them. Such action is known as counter-terrorist. The point is to act as efficiently and as safely as possible. Effectively against the enemy and safely to bystanders or hostages. That is why special units undergo professional trainings aimed at teaching adepts the right approach and behavior in particularly dangerous situations.

In training, great emphasis is placed on organizations during the actual operation, especially when storming buildings and vehicles. Another point of attention is the use of firearms. Namely, the operators of the special unit must use weapons in a precise and selective manner. In practice, this means that shooting must be thoughtful and accurate. Even when the action is very dynamic. The evacuation of hostages is another element that the trainers pay attention to. The evacuation process must be safe - it is indisputable.

During the operation, other elements of tactical equipment and weapons are also used. It all depends on the situation. It is to this that the special unit will adapt its activities. In some situations, breaching tools are used to get into a room, or flashbangs are used to confuse the enemy.

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Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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