Chaga mushroom - a medicinal mushroom useful in survival

Chaga mushroom - a medicinal mushroom useful in survival

PIt is considered by the indigenous peoples as a panacea - a cure for every disease. Infusions, teas and extracts from chaga mushroom supposedly heal the digestive, respiratory, blood and immune systems. But that's not all, because they also improve your mood, give you energy, and even ... inhibit the development of cancer cells. How much truth is there in these revelations, and are they supported by any research?

For centuries, the healing properties of chaga mushroom have been confirmed only by patients using infusions. Only the latest research has shown that inotodiol and lanosterol are among the many compounds contained in the mushroom. These are substances that activate the process of removing damaged cells, including cancerous ones. The chaga mushroom has become another proof that traditional medicine and the achievements of our ancestors should not be ignored.

What does chaga mushroom look like and where does it occur?

Black as coal, the cracked crust on the surface of the white birch looks like a burn mark. It is an extremely nasty parasite, sucking everything that makes it possible to survive from its host. But as you can see, what brings death to trees can save a person's life.

The chaga mushroom is a mythical and real mushroom at the same time - it can be found in the forest. However, it is extremely rare, found only by people wandering off-road. In our country it is under protection, but in Siberia it is obtained without restrictions.

The use of chaga mushroom in survival

How can chaga (one of our parasite's many names) help with survival? When it comes to survival, as many as 4 properties of chaga mushroom are important.

  1. It works perfectly as tinder. It does not require any preparation.
  2. Thanks to chaga mushroom, fire can be transferred over long distances.
  3. The smoke emitted when the mushroom heats up works like a mosquito spray – - it scares away flying bloodsuckers.
  4. Chaga mushroom teas and infusions have an analgesic and antipyretic effect.

As you can see, chaga can easily be considered the Holy Grail of survivalists. Chaga mushroom will not only provide a strong flame, but also protect you from insects and help control the organism destroyed by disease. I encourage you to watch the movie in which I present the process of starting a fire with the help of chaga mushroom. You can also see how to prepare a healing tea from chaga.

Author: Kajetan Adventurer Wilczyński

Edited by: Tomasz Świgoń

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