Basic equipment in the mountains

Basic equipment in the mountains

It's winter, it usually means a trip to the mountains and that there are holidays. The time has come for family outings for a winter break. Hiking in the mountains in winter is a great idea for an active leisure time. It's worth knowing what to take on such an expedition. The basic equipment for such an unpredictable time of year, which is winter, is a fundamental matter. We have prepared a list of the most necessary things for you.

Without it, don't go anywhere

You must feel safe during your trip to the mountain trail. You and your companions, of course. Therefore, when equipping a backpack, do not be selfish. Remember that it may happen that others will need your help.

The equipment you take with you should include a multi-functional tool. So that it is maximally usable and takes up as little space as possible. Multifunctional shovel Fox Outdoor Dogge I is a tool that fulfills many roles. In addition to being a shovel, it can be a spade, a saw, an ax, a flint or a whistle. All thanks to the foldable construction. Individual elements are hidden inside the unscrewed parts of the shovel.

When the dark comes suddenly, it's better to be prepared for it. Pack a Highlander rescue tent. Darkness among many scenarios is the mildest option. There are avalanches, snowstorms or strong winds in the mountains. Be ready for any eventuality.

The 8-element Mil-Tec set will work in the harshest conditions. The whole is small and weighs little. Your backpack will not be overloaded, and you feel safer!

A warm sleeping bag always works. The Challenger Lite 200 model from Highlander is a solid and durable sleeping bag that works well in windy and unpredictable weather. Made of polyester reinforced with Rip-Stop mesh. It will protect you from the icy nights. After folding, it fits snugly into a backpack.

Remember that it gets dark relatively early in the winter. That is why it is worth buying a Highlander headlamp. Good visibility in survival situations is the foundation. Darkness is not conducive to well-being. If you can properly see the environment around you, you will manage without any problems. Take an extra set of batteries so that their absence will not surprise you.

Rope paracord in the form of a Texar bracelet is a handy product. Every outdoor veteran knows the importance of having a paracord rope. This is due to many ways of using it. It will be useful when setting up a camp, when the shoelace breaks or as a backpack protection.

If you want to keep your hands warm during the walk, take Highlander pocket heaters as well. Intended for single use, they provide heat for up to 6 hours. Just put them in your jacket pocket. Warm up immediately!

In the mountains, the wind can blow a lot. It's good to wear a multifunctional scarf from SA Co., thanks to it your nose and mouth will be properly protected from the cold. The scarf adheres tightly to the face and protects it from the wind. If you want, choose an awesome pattern. You will definitely stand out in the crowd.

Always carry a Fox Outdoor gas stove. It is not known in what conditions you will prepare a meal. The oven is foldable, so transporting it in a backpack is not a problem.

Take a Tristar gas lighter with you. Thanks to it you can light a bonfire and warm up after a full day wandering. It's much better than matches because it won't get wet. With live fire, you can prepare a meal or boil water for a warm tea. It will be safer and warmer by the fire.

With such a set, every trip will be much more pleasant. You can focus on the trip and admire the mountain views. You won't worry about the basics, because your preparation is at the right level. Let's go!

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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