Basic EDC for a car

Basic EDC for a car

When traveling by car, we may encounter various situations. Especially in autumn and winter, when the conditions are not favorable. The wind often blows, it rains or snows. The aura is not favorable. Then you should have some useful things with you. Sometimes they can save our lives. They will prove crucial in survival. This task is carried out by hand-held car EDC - it is to help in everyday activities or crisis.

EDC (everyday carry) means a collection of a small number of items that we can take with us every day anywhere. The most important thing is that the whole weigh little and be small. By the way, it should be maximally functional. Remember not to duplicate items in EDC. Each of them is to be responsible for a different task.

Equipment carried daily in its final version is most often completed by trial and error. Everyone will choose their most useful items and feel safe in their company. At you will find all the most necessary components of the set.

Car EDC will be useful in three situations. First of all, there may be a car breakdown. There are situations when some part, some mechanism in the vehicle breaks down. Then pull over and try to repair the broken element. In such a moment a Highlander thermal blanket will be useful, which you can put on the ground and crawl under the car. You will shine with the Fox Outdoor multifunction flashlight. The white light emitted by the flashlight does not hurt the eyes. You can easily repair it. To avoid getting your hands dirty, put on Mechanix Wear gloves in black. If the car breakdown lasts a bit longer and you have to wait for roadside assistance, warm tea will improve your mood. You can make it thanks to the Highlander field kitchen.

Something unforeseen is the weather collapse. Snowstorm or heavy rain with strong winds. For your own safety, you want to wait out the harsh conditions. In that case, carry a Mil-Tec rain jacket. During a strong snowstorm, you should equip your EDC with Fox Outdoor folding shovel. It is a multifunctional tool made of a combination of carbon steel and aluminum. To charge your phone, get the BioLite powerbank lamp. You will always be in touch with the world.

The last most common case is a traffic accident. It is not known how many victims will be affected. You don't know if you will have to help or be hurt. Therefore, carry a Mil-Tec tourist first aid kit. You will find scissors, safety pins, plasters, bandage, breathing mask, triangular scarf, alcohol swabs and tape. Everything that is needed. The MFH life foil will help you survive adverse weather. If you or others are cold, keep MFH gel heaters in your car EDC. They work quickly and effectively.

You never know what will happen to you on the road. Car EDC is a kind of travel basis. Especially when you are moving away from home. If you want to see how everything looks in practice, watch the video below. Equipment carried daily in a nutshell.

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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