BOB backpack - ready for everything!

BOB backpack - ready for everything!

Do you like to be prepared for every opportunity? Don't you want to be surprised by a natural disaster or a nuclear explosion? Then it's something for you! BOB backpack (Bug-out bag) is a handy bag that is designed to ensure your survival in a short time. You'll be calm with this backpack. Of course, everything depends on its equipment. You yourself have to take care of what you will have in it. If you are a survival lover or prepper, you know what this is about. If you hear the name for the first time, then we invite you to read.

Other BOB backpack names are: escape backpack, bail-out bag, grab bag, battle box, 72h kit or good (get-out-of-dodge) bag.

A BOB backpack should allow you to survive for a minimum of 72 hours. The task of such a rescue kit is self-sufficiency. Thanks to it you will be able to walk alone or wait for help. A bug-out bag ensures survival if you have to leave your home. Remember to keep the backpack as light as possible. The equipment should be tailored to your needs. The situation may come unexpectedly. Therefore, fill the inside of the backpack today. In a crisis, you must be ready to survive. You take the backpack in your hand and run away.

Equip the BOB backpack at

Completing the entire set should start with a backpack. In this case, it must be roomy. Therefore, the 65 liter Highlander will be suitable. The backpack has a suitably developed carrying system, which affects the comfort of carrying it. Undoubtedly, its advantage is the built-in cover. While walking, your equipment will not get wet. The basis of survival is access to the water and food. This will provide you with a water filter with tablets for its purification. Thanks to this, you will be able to collect water from the river or lake encountered along the way. You must eat something while running away. You can prepare your meal with the help of the Highlander gas stove and the Edelrid cartouche. Food and water supply is fundamental. Without satisfying your basic needs, you won't have the strength to save yourself.

At night you should rest from the march. You can sleep in the Highlander sleeping bag in a comfortable way. Complete your campsite with a Mil-Tec protective tarpaulin, which will prevent you from getting wet and protect yourself from the wind. Tie it to the trees with a paracord rope. You will feel safer. Pack the MFH survival kit in the backpack. It's a very functional set that contains most of the basic elements needed to survive. The whole fits into a water bottle, and there are, among others: a flashlight, life foil, tinder, mirror, sewing kit, heaters, wire saw and rain poncho. The set is basically complete.

You can pour previously purified water into the Klean Kanteen water bottle. You can eat your meal with the Highlander cutlery. However, you can prepare the dish in a tourist mess tin. Remember that comfort when performing the simplest activities, such as eating or sleeping, will greatly increase your morale. The whole extermination situation will not be so terrifying.

Hygiene is just as important as nutrition and rest. Therefore, you should carry a travel soap sheets of Highlander. The set is in a pocket case. It takes up very little space, and you'll feel better with yourself.

Put Cyalume chemical light into the side pocket of the backpack. It will be useful at night in case of an emergency. The light is waterproof, so even in the rain you will see where you are going. The direction will be set by the Mil-Tec folding military compass. North or South? Go where it's safe. If you feel threatened, take a ball whistle with you. Calling for help will become much easier.

A complete BOB set - this is your set. If you didn't know how to be prepared for any eventuality, now you know. Do you think you will need something else? You can enrich your version. Remember that the backpack should not be too heavy. When a disaster occurs, save yourself with!

Author: Jakub Dobrzyński

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