Albania in Polish

Albania in Polish

On my blog I will try to describe Albania objectively, although it stole my heart.

The history of my emigration began quite unusual. I did not leave the country for better work and earnings. At the age of 22 I left Poland to Italy with one suitcase, for an adventure. That was over 12 years ago. A lot has changed in Poland since then. Nobody spoke out loud about self-fulfillment or fulfilling own dreams, life went on rather according to certain standards and socially imposed laws. Then, when I just defended my bachelor's degree, I felt trapped. I was to do my master's degree, get married, find a job in the office and give birth to children. I felt like I had no other option, and I knew somewhere intuitively that I didn't want to. Not yet, at that moment. So with that one suitcase and a bachelor in my pocket I started, as I thought at the time to conquer the world. In Italy, I defended my next two diplomas on my own, in the meantime I worked and got ... A good school of life.

I also met my current husband in Italy. Albanian. By twist of fate, he graduated a year earlier than I did. Italy, us, Eastern European citizens do not get too much development opportunity. You can work and earn a lot, but it will always be physical work, typical for an emigrant. So he decided that he would try his luck in his homeland. After a year I was to move to Albania and try to live in his country. As I told my friends and family about it, most of them reminded me of the movie "Taken" with Liam Neeson, where two young American women are abducted and sold to a brothel by a band of Albanians. My mother photocopied my passport, just in case she had to look for me through the Polish embassy, and my dad, entering Wikipedia, read that Albania is a Muslim country ... And so, despite everything, I flew there every two months. Every time at the airport I had a personal baggage check. Well, what can a Polish woman do, which every two months flies from Italy to Albania for a few days ;)

Finally, after a year the day of moving to the Land of Eagles came. Very quickly, because after two weeks I found a job at a state university, where I have been working to this day. Accustomed to Italian realities, where you can have 5 diplomas, but if you are from the East, you are only suitable for cleaning or waiting, I was very positively surprised, because I was noticed as a resident of the European Union, which graduated in two different European countries. A huge difference. Life quickly turned into a daily routine that was right at the moment. A wedding and a planned child.

So today I live in a country with unfair and ridiculous myths. In a country where the beauty of nature is breathtaking. Where fruits and vegetables grow in the sunshine, the sun smells and tastes good. In a country that can be a European example of religious tolerance. Where temples of different denominations are often on one street, a Catholic marries a Muslim woman, and non-working days are holidays of different religions. Albanians are primarily Albanians. Religion is of secondary importance. My husband is my partner, not master and ruler, who pushes me about.

Throughout the year, Poles dream of two-week all-inclusive holidays on a sunny beach to break out of gray-depressed weather and stress. I don't dream about it anymore. I live 100 meters from the sea and behind me I have majestic mountains. I live slowly, in a very Mediterranean climate, without the pressure and the rat race. Here I found peace. Yes, there is still a lot missing in Albania and a long way to go to reach the level of Western Europe. But every place on earth has its positive and negative sides. I get handfuls of positives. I don't miss Poland anymore. More than 12 years have passed, this is another country. I like Poland, but when I come, I feel like a tourist. I teach my daughter Polish and cultivate Polish traditions. I am a citizen of the world.

On my blog you will find practical information for tourists: what to visit and for how much. I will tell you about the traditions and lifestyle of Albanians. I will show lots of beautiful photos, as well as recipes for Albanian treats. My goal is to change the unfair opinion that circulates in Poland and Poles' heads about Albania.

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