ASG - modern Bushido

ASG - modern Bushido

The culture of ASG was created in the land of cherry blossoms. It is in Japan that ASG replicas have become extremely popular. They entered the production after World War II to allow exercises for military troops. At the heart of airsoft is the Bushido tradition. It puts emphasis on honor, respect for the opponent and self-improvement. These slogans are eternally alive in airsoft. Bushido is an unwritten set of ethical principles of Japanese samurai. Compliance with this code was crucial for any samurai. It marked the way for the warrior. Therefore, ASG must rely on certain rules to which all participants apply. If one tries to cheat, then the gameplay itself loses its meaning. Sometimes it is not possible to prove that a player has been hit. What rules govern at ASG? We will try to answer this question.

ASG rules

The rules often change. They are usually set before the game itself. Some of them are stiff and repeat themselves in all battles. Players or the organizer decide about them. Sometimes additional rules are introduced that limit the amount of ammo, mark the playing field or relate to safety. However, they are also subject to modifications. The main assumption of the ASG game is shared, good fun, the most accurate battlefield reproduction and realism.

Basic rules of the game:

  • hit – is recognized for every contact of the fired ball with the player. Ricochet is no exception, an accidental hit of a player from his own team or a shot from his own replica. The hit must be felt by the player. A hit sound can be helpful. If a replica is hit and the player does not have another in his inventory, he should leave the field of play.
  • elimination – people who have been eliminated by hitting must be marked with a red cloth or red light when the game is played at night. Then they go to the place designated by the organizer. They do not participate in the game anymore and should not be fired at.
  • return to the game – depending on the contract, eliminated people can return to the game at a set time or after a certain amount of time.
  • pyrotechnics – if the organizer, police and local residents agree to the use of pyrotechnics, then they are available during the game. Usually, small firecrackers are allowed that do not cause burns or injury. Players imitate grenades by putting a firecracker in a paper sleeve. The use of chemical and pyrotechnic substances that can cause injuries may be punished.
  • not admitting to hit – if any player does not admit to hit, this situation should be decided on the spot. The organizer should remove people who behave in this way. In later competitions, the "Terminators" are omitted. After all, this phenomenon exists and occurs most often among beginner players.

It's good if the rules are clear and understandable. It is also important that there are not too many of them. Then it's easier for everyone to remember them. This is the basis of ASG gameplay. There is no room for fraud in any sport. Especially in one where it's hard to verify if someone is cheating. Honor must come first. Like among samurai.

Author: JD

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