Adequate conditions and equipment for amber fishing

To feel great, just walk along the Baltic beach. What if you find a real treasure by the way? But you have to be able to look for amber among sand - seekers spend years polishing their skills, and a large nugget is rarely found. Fortunately, there are ways to catch amber that Kajetan Wilczyński knows. Our treasure hunt specialist knows the importance of the season, weather and equipment. Put on your rain boots and equip yourself with a searchlight as you set out to conquer the beach. But read our article first - it has some great advice.

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Keep your body warm without fire - alternative ways to keep warm during survival

Sometimes the forest is too wet to even dream of lighting a fire. In a difficult situation, you have to put on the warmth of your own muscles and solid insulation from a sleeping bag, tarp and clothes. Additionally, use any device that is strong enough to increase your body temperature. In the entry, Kajetan Wilczyński talks about the best exercises to warm up the body and about electrical equipment that generates a lot of heat. Can a mobile game help in a survival situation? Find out from reading!

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How to survive an avalanche? Move fast

Every year in the world as many as 150 people die from avalanches, and there are years that there are even several hundred victims. If you are going to the mountains in winter or early spring, be sure to take equipment with you to help you and others survive. One of the elements of equipment should be a shovel that allows you to dig out people trapped under the snow. In addition to the equipment, you also need to know how to behave when an avalanche descends. Learn the 4 steps that must be taken quickly in the event of danger. From the entry, you will also learn what to take to avalanche-endangered regions. We invite you to read!

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Shoes for hiking in the mountains - what should you pay attention to?

Stones under the rubber sole, and before your eyes a beautiful view of the Tatra Mountains, Bieszczady, Pieniny and Sudetes. It's always nice to dream about a mountain vacation, but it's even better to complete your equipment in advance. But first of all - you should choose shoes. For trekking, you will need solid footwear that reaches above the ankle, preventing it from twisting. But fans of low shoes will also find something for themselves, just look at our offers. We invite you to read the article about the construction of mountain boots, which includes tips on choosing the right footwear for mountain trails. Enjoy reading!

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