Urban survival - preparation for the crisis in the city

If the concept of urban survival doesn't mean anything to you, it's high time to change it. Most of the threats of the modern world are lurking not in the wilderness, but among people. Pandemics, attacks and the effects of a changing climate are just some of the crises that lurk around the corner. But don't worry - you can prepare yourself. How to do it? Survival instructor Kajetan Wilczyński talks directly about the equipment that will be useful. But the equipment itself is not enough - you need to train and adapt to a situation that is very difficult to reflect in a properly functioning environment. Read the post to find out more!

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Hurricane in an open area - how to survive a strong wind?

Powerful winds are no longer rare in Poland. Especially in the field, storms can be a deadly threat, which - thanks to simple recommendations - you can reduce a bit. In the forest, go against the wind and look for a depression. Ideally, the shelter should be sheltered on the top from falling trees. When the hurricane is approaching, but you still have some time, prepare a makeshift pit roof yourself. In an open area, lie down and try to isolate yourself from the surroundings as effectively as possible. Surviving a hurricane wind in the mountains is more complex. Do you want to know more? Read the entry in which Kajetan Wilczyński advises on what to do in the event of a hurricane.

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Trekking gaiters - which one to choose?

The mud and water splashing in your shoes is nothing nice, which can be confirmed by anyone who has ever struggled through a downpour or snow. Fortunately, gaiters are a fantastic protection not only against soaking shoes, but also against splashes of the leg. But how do you choose the right protectors? First of all, pay attention to how the gaiters are attached to the shoes - they can have a rope, belt or hook. The second, no less important issue is the material and layering. Three-layer gaiters or felt-leather gaiters will be useful for snow, and single-layer models for summer. Do you want to know more? Read our post!

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How to find a place to camp?

It's easy to make a mistake in the field, especially if you get tired and it's nighttime. Before dark, however, it is worth spending some time finding a suitable place for shelter. All this so that in the dark you will not be woken up by noisy animals, winds breaking the tarpaulin or raindrops dripping on your head. How to take care of a dream place that you won't want to run away from in the morning? Read 7 tips from Kajetan Wilczyński, and you will spend the next night in the wilderness in comfortable conditions.

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Whirlwind - how to behave in the event of a tornado?

If you think that where you live there will never be a tornado - you might be wrong. The last dozen or so years have shown that whirlwinds appear even in cities in the north of Poland. The element that breaks branches off trees and garage sheets is dangerous for people in the field, in the car and at home. Fortunately, a simple instruction will help you increase your own safety during a tornado. Read this article to learn what to do when a rotating column of air, known as a whirlwind, is observed in your area.

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Cooking in a Hungarian cauldron - recipes and tips

Baking sausages over the fire is not enough for you? Time to fry and cook over the fire. While a frying pan with a long handle is enough for the first step, a Hungarian cauldron will be useful for the second step - a capacious pot, known as a bogracz, which hangs on a chain over the fire. You can add whatever you want to the cauldrons, but you will get the most aromatic dishes using Hungarian recipes. It is from the Lake Balaton that the famous Hungarian pot comes from, which in its enamel version has many advantages over the cast iron one. Get to know all our tips and get recipes for goulash and halashle - dishes created especially for the bogracz.

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Leave No Trace - rules of staying in the bosom of nature

Even though forest cleaning is assisted by numerous volunteers and NGOs, it is still a difficult and costly process that must be repeated over and over again. But there is something to fight for - after all, it is about the good condition of precious nature. However, it is better not to allow a situation in which the forest is in any way endangered by man. For tourists who want to minimize their impact on nature, the Leave No Trace philosophy comes in handy. These are the 7 rules that apply to camping, preparing meals and taking care of tourist hygiene. While it's not easy to stick to all of the Leave No Trace points, there's always something for you to discover. We invite you to read!

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What to sleep on in a tent? Mat and mattress proposals

When you think about going camping, your first association is discomfort? It's time to end this. Sleeping on a campsite can be very comfortable, you just need to have thicker mats and mattresses with you. Of course, this does not mean that you have to carry large and heavy elements with you, quite the contrary. Modern models are self-inflating, possibly pumped with a separate pump. Thanks to this solution, the sleeping mat or mattress take up little space in your luggage, but in the tent itself they become spacious and soft. Discover the best offers for field trips and sleep comfortably.

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MGRS navigation - what is it and how to read coordinates?

Reading coordinates on a map is a skill that is already learned in elementary school. But probably no one in primary or even secondary school uses the UTM system, i.e. a map with a grid of flat rectangular coordinates. This is the basis for learning how to use MGRS navigation. What is the Military Grid Reference System and why is it worth using it in off-road areas, where the usefulness of tourist maps ends? You will learn everything from the article by Kajetan Wilczyński, which tells about the use of MGRS navigation in survival and travel. We invite you to read!

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