Food in the field - freeze-dried meals

Going out in the field and don't want to carry a bag of food with you? Do you have little space in your backpack and are you afraid that your food will not fit? These are legitimate concerns, especially if you want to eat a hot meal during your outing. Thanks to the "cosmic" technology, which is freeze-drying food, you can even take a few ready-made meals with you. It is enough to boil some water, then wait a few minutes and you can eat a wholesome dish. What exactly is food freeze drying? How to prepare a freeze-dried dish? You will learn everything from our article.

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Fire - the basis of survival

The Alps 2016. A small fire with its glow separated me from impenetrable darkness. In the background, all I could hear was the disturbing sound of a sliding rock avalanche, and each murmur seemed to be a bear that had smelled my provisions. Years later, I still cannot imagine that night without a fire that was lit before. Hearth, i.e. the place where the fire will burn, must be secured against the uncontrolled spread of flames. Leaves, sticks and other flammable objects lying on the ground must be removed to form a circle of bare earth. Particular attention should be paid to dry grass that can spread fire in no time.

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Correct outfit in the field - what to pay attention to?

In wild terrain, the weather conditions can change suddenly and unexpectedly, so I try to dress in a layered system. Thanks to this, I am able to prevent cooling down or overheating of the body, reacting immediately to any weather breakdown. The clothing layers allow you to regulate the body temperature by pulling them off or putting on new ones. In a life-threatening situation, it is extremely important, because this way you can find a safe line between excessive sweating (overheating) and body cooling.

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