Basic equipment in the mountains

It's winter, it usually means a trip to the mountains and that there are holidays. The time has come for family outings for a winter break. Hiking in the mountains in winter is a great idea for an active leisure time. It's worth knowing what to take on such an expedition. The basic equipment for such an unpredictable time of year, which is winter, is a fundamental matter. We have prepared a list of the most necessary things for you.

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D3O® technology - intelligent protection with Mechanix Wear gloves

Hand protection in physical work is extremely important. That is why Mechanix Wear - a global tycoon in the production of gloves, met all those in need of adequate hand protection. D3O® technology changes the way you think about impact-resistant gloves. If you want to feel safer at work, then Mechanix Wear gloves are for you.

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How to deal with frost?

Winter definitely makes life difficult. Particularly irritating is the frost, which recently reaches its apogee at the turn of January and February. During this time, it's worth taking care of your thermal comfort. Health is the most important. If we don't properly protect ourselves against the cold, we may be exposed to endless colds and health problems. We decided to suggest some solutions that will effectively help you withstand even at very low temperatures. We invite you to read!

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Holster. Match it to yourself

Choosing the right holster comes down to many important details. Everyone who has a weapon will have different, individual requirements. A good holster should allow you to carry your gun safely. In addition, the convenience of transporting it is important. You must feel comfortable when moving. A guarantee of a good holster is also the material from which it is made. It must be durable and resistant to damage. Before you buy it for yourself, it's worth checking out all of the above. Check holsters for handguns available in our shop..

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Winter camp - how to prepare?

Admiring winter views provides a lot of unforgettable experiences. Especially when we go on an interesting trail. It gets serious when we are about to set up the camp, because it will be dark soon. Sleeping outdoors in the winter can be a great experience. Provided that we prepare ourselves accordingly. For the most part, everything depends on us. Proper planning is the foundation. It is worth thinking through all your steps and carefully preparing the camp. We chose a few elementary issues that everyone should remember.

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Winter march - choose the right footwear

Maintaining the right temperature during a winter march is extremely important. Especially if it concerns feet. They are very exposed to heat loss. That is why we have prepared for you models of shoes that are perfect for winter. These are hiking boots. Both at extremely low temperatures and those oscillating around 0 ° C. All presented options properly stiffen the foot. This reduces the risk of injury when hiking in the woods or on a mountain trail. If you prefer to walk in urban areas - no problem. Universality is the most important feature of the presented pieces. The primary function of winter boots should be to protect against the cold. Check for winter shoes in our store!

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