Warm, warmer, the warmest - hand heaters

You can already feel the winter. Warm clothes are not always enough. That is why it is worth buying a practical gadget, which is a heater. Especially if you spend a lot of time outside during the day. You can find different types of heaters in our store. These products are intended for lovers of survival, camping or outdoor sports, as well as for city chilly persons. After all, waiting for a bus that is late due to the winter weather is not pleasant. Therefore, do not be surprised as road workers and stock up on a heater!

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Crossing borders: Chernobyl part VII - School

No kid is fond of going to school, including children from Pripyat and the surrounding area. We know that it changes over time, we start to appreciate this institution, we acquire useful knowledge, we meet friends and experience first love. That is why today, I would like to tell you about three-level education in Pripyat and show what educational centers in this city look like today.

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Sajjeret Matkal - Israeli unit for special tasks

One of the oldest special forces in the world. It's experience affects the position among other special groups. Sajjeret Matkal is the Reconnaissance Unit of the General Staff of the Defense Forces of Israel. The unit history and organization arouse curiosity. Until recently, the Israeli army denied the existence of its special forces. Many details are still top secret.

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ASG - modern Bushido

The culture of ASG was created in the land of cherry blossoms. It is in Japan that ASG replicas have become extremely popular. At the heart of airsoft is the Bushido tradition. It puts emphasis on honor, respect for the opponent and self-improvement. What rules govern at ASG? We will try to answer this question.

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Albania in Polish

On my blog I will try to describe Albania objectively, although it stole my heart.

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Crossing borders: Chernobyl part VI - Everyday life

Pripyat is still a city. Destroyed and ruined, it is a fact. However, despite the passage of years and the tragedy that happened here, you can feel the atmosphere that prevailed here. Streets, blocks of flats, playgrounds, educational buildings, shops. I love to pay attention during the travel to details such as hurdles, lanterns and walls. These are things that we do not care about every day, because it is, and that's it. Few people pay attention to the fact that they pass a given part of the area often, hundreds of times, whether on the way to work, home or school. In Pripyat, walking down the street, I passed walls, buildings, fences, squares, gardens, which no one paid attention to, because they were obvious to them. Today, these places are an open-air museum of city life at that time.

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SAS - an elite special unit

Their motto is "Who dares, will win". We are talking about SAS, i.e. a British special unit. The first one in the world. The full name of the unit is Special Air Service. A special British Army unit was founded in 1941. The originator was David Stirling. Initially, its task was to conduct subversive activities behind enemy lines in North Africa. The current commander is Charles Guthrie. SAS has participated in many spectacular combat operations. It is the only one of its kind. It was thanks to it that the American Delta Force and Polish GROM were created. What is the history of this unit? Time to look at the British special unit.

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Protect your feet from freezing - winter footwear at

The most heat escapes through the head and feet. Supposedly. Just in case, we have prepared a list of winter footwear available at Standing in winter at the bus stop, it is not a very nice feeling when your feet are freezing. Everyone felt this discomfort. This is unacceptable because you can easily catch a cold. Keep your feet warm. Winter footwear that you will find at will provide you with warmth while waiting for the tram and during a trip to the mountains. You will be able to admire beautiful landscapes, instead of focusing on icy feet.

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Delta Force - American special forces

Many have heard of Delta Force. Although it used to be said that Delta does not exist. It was a super-secret American commando unit. It is still a secret, but its existence is not hidden. The exact name of the department is the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Airborne), which is the United States Army Special Forces Operational Branch. The unit was created in 1977. Its founder was the Vietnam War veteran Charles Beckwith. Delta Force is modeled on the British special unit SAS. This is the best group of this type in the world. They have the latest technologies to combat terrorism. It's time to take a closer look at the American special force Delta Force.

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