Santa Claus also walks on foot - a gift for an outdoor lover

If your loved one actively spends a lot of time on trekking expeditions, then we have for him an outdoor "must have". These are the right ideas for a Christmas present. A set of the most useful products for a person traveling on foot along mountain or forest trails. With the right accessories, a long and demanding walk becomes much more pleasant. Would you like to put a smile on the face of an outdoor fan? See what we've prepared for Christmas.

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Tactical Santa

Do you have a tactical gear fan among your friends or family members? You don't know what gift to give him for Christmas? We have for you a few noteworthy suggestions for accessories that will certainly please a maniac of ASG, shooting or military. These useful things, of which a wider offer, can be found in our store. Everything served like on a tray. All you have to do is decide which product is right and complete your purchase. The whole process is very easy and fast. Welcome!

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Not only Santa Claus wears a cap

A cap and scarf under the Christmas tree is a proven gifts. Although they may seem well-worn. Who has not received them for Christmas at least once in their life? We know it perfectly. This year it may be similar. However, with such a set takes on a completely different meaning. New collection, new designs. All this to make the person you give the gift feel special. For some time, wool chimneys have begun to displace classic scarves. We are also following this trend. A chimney is a much more practical solution. Here are our suggestions!

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Christmas gift gadget

Christmas is getting closer and closer. It's time to buy presents. After all, we like to bring joy to our loved ones. There will always be someone who likes gadgets among our friends and family. A person who likes to surround himself with multifunctional things. It is for such a person that we decided to create a list of gifts with which he will definitely be pleased. In our assortment you will find a large selection of various gadgets. Thanks to these gifts, your loved one will become a real Inspector Gadget. All thanks to!

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No idea for a gift? gift card

All unsuccessful gifts accumulate on Christmas Eve. We put an end to unfired ideas and false smiles when giving a present. The ideal solution and the best alternative is a gift card from If you want to give a fan of militaria or a tourist a smile during Christmas, give him a universal gift. Thanks to the gift card, the lucky person will be able to buy everything in our store that is in the amount he receives on the card. The buying process is very simple. Go to and see!

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Winter is coming - winter jackets at

November days ceased to pamper with the high temperature. From day to day cool air came to us, so it's time to get a jacket straight from the store. Maintaining body temperature at an appropriate level is extremely important during winter days. Remember this when going for a walk in the winter. It is not worth risking your health loss to look fashionable. Jackets that you will find in our store guarantee a good look and high comfort of use. You can see many different models. If you like a jacket with a hood - it is! If without a hood - it is too! Just a few clicks and during the day, two warm jacket lands in your home. The brands we have are proven manufacturers. See for yourself and check our winter jackets.

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Mechanix Wear gloves - specialist and universal

Do you use your hands at your work, do you need to secure them properly or do not want them to get cold? This article is for you. The Mechanix Wear brand is one of the most respected manufacturers of rally, tactical, specialist and winter gloves. It's a global leader. Trades such as automotive, industrial, military or construction benefit from solutions introduced by Mechanix Wear. The materials from which the gloves are made are characterized by high technological parameters, resistance to abrasion, shock and vibration absorption. They perfectly protect against injuries. Go to and choose the perfect model for you.

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The most famous Polish camouflage - pattern 93 "Panther"

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence, we will introduce you to the brief history of the Polish "Panther" camouflage. This is the most popular camouflage in the Polish army. Known in military and paramilitary circles. Everyone who has used this masking appreciates its design. Its shape resembles Woodland. However, it differs in color saturation. Polish "Panther" is valued all over the world. What is the history of pattern 93? We invite you to read.

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BOB backpack - ready for everything!

Do you like to be prepared for every opportunity? Don't you want to be surprised by a natural disaster or a nuclear explosion? Then it's something for you! BOB backpack (Bug-out bag) is a handy bag that is designed to ensure your survival in a short time. You'll be calm with this backpack. Of course, everything depends on its equipment. You yourself have to take care of what you will have in it. If you are a survival lover or prepper, you know what this is about. If you hear the name for the first time, then we invite you to read.

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Basic EDC for a car

When traveling by car, we may encounter various situations. Especially in autumn and winter, when the conditions are not favorable. The wind often blows, it rains or snows. The aura is not favorable. Then you should have some useful things with you. Sometimes they can save our lives. They will prove crucial in survival. This task is carried out by hand-held car EDC - it is to help in everyday activities or crisis.

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