10 iconic movie jackets

You probably wanted to play some of the characters in your favorite movie or series. Or maybe you wanted to look like the hero of one of the cult movies? Be like John Rambo or James Bond? It cannot be hidden that often the costumes of film heroes go down in history and become important for pop culture. That is why we have prepared for you a list of 10 iconic jackets from the screen. All jackets are available on our store!

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Brandit - time for winter!

For several days, the weather outside has ceased to pamper us. It's high time to get a warm, comfortable jacket. And this can be provided by the German company Brandit Fashion. Thanks to the wide range in this category, it is extremely versatile. Everyone will find something for himself. This is for a simple reason, Brandit Fashion focuses on functionality, comfort, protection and individuality. Take a look at and see for yourself!

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Survival for boredom?

The time has come for cold rains and boring, long evenings. Typical November. A few days ago, sitting at a window flooded with rain, I began to wonder how one could go outside, not care about being wet and being satisfied with it. No interesting idea could stay in my head for longer. Until I turned on the Discovery Channel. Curious, I started watching a program devoted to survival. A Bear Grylls was rolling in the mud, in the rain, and he was happy about it. I was in shock! Wow! And yet it is possible.

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10 war movies that you must see!

The battlefield, dust and dust rising above it. Sounds of shots, explosions and human scream. The sound of machine guns and the timbre of moving tanks. Who among us does not like to watch it at the cinema or on the TV screen. Often it's blood, sweat and tears. Emotion and anger. Emotions that affect heroes and draw us - viewers. Hate and love. A fight whose death is an indispensable partner. Below are 10 war movies that you must see!

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Operation Life, or Marcin Szczygieł about his airsoft passion

Few people know his name, because most airsofters know him as Włóczykij. He actively participated in competitions for 7 years, today he professionally deals with hardware setup. Every day he is an e-commerce manager in one of the largest Polish companies with electronic equipment. Airsoft is a sport for him, which primarily teaches team work and strategic thinking. Between work, battlefield and replica modification, he found a moment to talk to us. He has also prepared some airsoft tips for you!

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Seweryn Kubicki "Walker - Walking through all the forests in Poland"

You knew that Bory Tucholskie covers about 3,000 km², and the Bialowieza Forest, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, covers 1500 km². For comparison, Warsaw has an area of only 517 km2, and Rome has 1287 km2. Is it impressive? Area certainly and views? See for yourself! We present to you the passion of Seweryn Kubicki, who created the project "Walker - Walking through all the forests in Poland", If you think that in Poland you saw everything or there is nothing worth paying attention to, then be sure to see Seweryn's films from his expeditions.

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Teenage Forest Adventurers

How to find your passion? Simple - take action. Instead of waiting for the passion to come to you, constantly search, try, test and check for yourself what you really enjoy. You ask, where to look for passion? Everywhere! At home, at a meeting, during travel, reading magazines, chatting with people, searching for curiosities on the Internet ... Ask questions and dare to do something, even if you have in your head - "and what if it does not come out", "they will laugh at me", "what do I need it for." Passion does not require you to succeed, but only to make you feel that you are proud of what you do. Because it's good to find a hobby that draws you so much and makes you look forward to the next week instead of counting the days gloomily. Today we present to you the story sent by Kamil and Dominik.

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