Insulated Mil-Tec pants - you won't be cold in them!

You don't know how to dress for the winter? Put on Mil-Tec MA1 insulated pants. This is a classic among trousers. Legendary model that was used in the US Army. MA1 pants are perfect for harsh weather conditions. They protect against rain, snow and strong winds.

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How to start the adventure with ASG? - Łukasz Żmuda-Trzebiatowski

If you came here, it means that you want to start the adventure with ASG. Probably users of various groups on Facebook or forums tell you to buy this and that, use passwords and abbreviations that you do not know, so you start to wonder if it all makes sense. I will answer you - it has! Find 5 minutes and I will tell you everything you should know at the beginning of your airsoft road!

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Safety at ASG

Safety over everything. It used to be said. Sure it's true. Safety in every sport is the basis. Ours and the participants. Especially when it comes to airsoft, or ASG (air soft gun). For the uninitiated it is a team game in which pneumatic electric, gas or spring replicas of firearms are used and plastic balls with a caliber of 6 and 8 mm are shot. This is a game where you should take special precautions. The equipment used for shooting simulates a weapon, so inappropriate behavior can cause you to hurt yourself. What's worse, you can also hurt someone else. Nobody wants to let this happen. That is why we present how to stay safe during a skirmish in airsoft.

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Crossing borders: Chernobyl part III - Duga: Eye of Moscow

In Poland, called the "Moscow Eye" - a mysterious object near Chernobyl: what is it and does it work? What some heard about it, they talked about its legend, which has grown to the size of a creepypaste. Some time ago, the media contributed to the spread of interesting stories about what is happening there, describing that this radar is still working and broadcasting, which was to prove the recording of the characteristic clatter. What is happening there and what is the truth?

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Brandit Explorer winter jackets - explore the winter!

Another winter jackets from Brandit - available in two versions: Explorer Vintage and Explorer Stars & Stripes. The first for lovers of tradition, the second for fans of the USA. Jackets are properly profiled for users. See which model suits you. The Brandit Explorer Vintage men's winter jacket is a thermal blast. The comfort it provides will impress many a winter lover. Big frosts are not terrible for it. A warm lining will not let you cold.

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What to remember in winter? Driver's guide

Will we hear once again this winter that road workers have been surprised? Probably yes. It is important that you are not surprised! Preparing the car for such a difficult season is a challenge. You need to take care of many details. In such a complicated system as the car's engine, it is important to approach the matter correctly. The slightest sign of disability should not be underestimated. However, a car is not just an engine. Other systems must also function properly. You will learn what to take care of in this text.

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The ideal jacket for the winter - Parka Brandit BW Flecktarn

The cold is coming, winter is coming. Nobody wants to freeze. With Brandit BW Flecktarn you will definitely not be cold. It is thanks to this jacket that you will survive more than one winter! Brandit parka is the perfect jacket for cold weather. In addition, it is a stylish classic, so you must have it.

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Thermal mug - a gadget not only for the winter

We all know exactly the advantages of thermos. Cold tea on a cool evening is not a good idea. However, pouring tea into a thermal mug, you will forget about this problem for a long time. You will not have to carry a large thermos. The mug will take up little space in your backpack. And the tea will stay warm for a long time.

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Original t-shirts - the new classic

Lighter shirts under the sweatshirt have its value. Especially if it's a new classic T-shirt. Are you wondering if this is possible? Yes! Just throw a fashionable pattern on the front. It is worth it to be original. What works this season are so-called camo or military colors, i.e. olive, black, coyote. T-shirts without a pattern are best suited to a loose outfit. You can look elegant and feel comfortable in them. Every man will confirm it. In fashion there are also polo shirts that go very well with the jacket. Woman! If you don't know what to buy your man for Christmas, go to and see what we have!

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