10 war games you must play!

10 war games you must play!

The world of multimedia games can draw you in. The most interesting are especially the ones in which we play the role of one of the characters. This type of game has its definition - FPP (first-person perspective), i.e. a first-person perspective, where the eyes of the main character become the eyes of the player. FPP graphics appear mainly in shooters, or FPS (first-person shooter) - a game genre based on combat using various types of weapons, mainly firearms. In FPS, we often only see the hands and weapons of the character we play. Other body parts are visible in short films explaining the story. So are we starting? TOP 10 WAR GAMES!

10. IL-2 Sturmovik – PC; release date: 21.11.2001

The flight simulator goes first, this is not typical FPS. In the IL-2 Sturmovik game, you play the role of a Russian fighter pilot from World War II. Our task will be to fight the enemy in Germany and Russia. We have up to 31 aircraft to choose from. They come from the Russian, German and American armies. During the campaign mode, we earn decorations and climb up the soldiers' hierarchy. In multiplayer, we can fight with 32 players at the same time. Cooperation in 16-person teams against a computer is also allowed. In addition, the game has an editor that allows you to create your own missions and scenarios.

9. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – PC; release date: 30.05.2017

Who among us does not like the smell of napalm in the morning? Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is very reminiscent of the atmosphere of the movie "Apocalypse Time". During the skirmish, we can play the role of a US or Vietnamese soldier. Each army has completely different equipment. Americans have attack helicopters. The Vietnamese can set traps and move much faster. 65 players can participate in a multiplayer game at one time.

8. Arma III – PC; release date: 12.09.2013

FPS made by the Czech Bohemia Interactive Studio. The plot takes place in the near future. You play as Corporal Ben Kerry. NATO military forces are significantly weakened as a result of armed conflicts in the Middle East. Command decides to put all cards on the table. He decides to change the fate of the ongoing battle. NATO sets out behind the enemy line, locating itself on two Mediterranean islands. What happens next, you have to find out for yourself!

7. Battlefield 1 – PC, PS4, XONE; release date: 21.10.2016

The first part of the series set in the realities of World War I. It is worth adding that the authors of the game, in addition to fighting in Europe, added the opportunity to participate in Arab battles. The game reflects historical events. Campaign mode is a collection of several stories that make up one story. In each of them we play the role of a different hero. The characters have different origins and different skills. The story focuses more on the fate of the characters than on historical events. The advantage of the game are larger maps, thanks to which we can explore the world surrounding the main characters. The gameplay enables us to play the role of a tank driver or an airplane pilot. Fans of multiplayer will also be pleased. 64 players can participate in the network struggle simultaneously. We have shotguns, submachine guns, light machine guns, semi-automatic rifles, personal weapons and sniper rifles.

6. Medal of Honor – PS1; release date: 31.10.1999

A game that has passed into the genre's classics. DreamWorks Interactive studio, founded by Steven Spielberg, is responsible for its creation. The game takes place at the end of World War II. We play the role of Second Lieutenant James Steven Patterson, who was active for the OSS, i.e. the Office of Strategic Services existing in 1942-1946. Our tasks include destroying enemy positions and destroying German soldiers. We have a well-mapped arsenal of World War II weapons at our disposal.

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops – PC, PS3, X360, Wii, NDS; release date: 9.11.2010

The seventh installment of the Call of Duty series. It is also a game that gives rise to a new cycle, Black Ops. Another FPS in which we're dealing with flashbacks of the main character. This time it's Alex Mason. Our activities will center around the Cold War period. One of the tasks will be to eliminate the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. The game also features the figure of the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Multiplayer game gives us the opportunity to play in four-player cooperation modes. It is worth adding that this is another of the parts in which actor Gary Oldman lends his voice.

4. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – PC, PS4, XONE, Switch; release date: 27.10.2017

The latest installment of the legendary series. The main character - B.J. Blazkowicz wakes up in 1961. It turns out that World War II was won by the Third Reich. Germany occupies the United States. Blazkowicz finds his allies and tries to change the fate of the world with them. Knowledge of earlier parts of the game is not required to understand the continuation. We have a whole arsenal of various weapons at our disposal. From well-known rifles and pistols to the ax. An interesting fact is the subtitle of the game. It refers to Emma Lazarus 'New Colossus' sonnet. The main character quotes him at the end of the first part of the game.

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – PC, X360, PS3; release date: 10.11.2009

It's time for the podium! Russian ultranationalists are taking over. Their goal is to invade the United States. The US Army manages to repel the attack. At the same time, a special Task Force 141 unit is tasked with tracking down the terrorist leader, Vladimir Makarov. During the campaign, you play as several different soldiers. Afghanistan, Rio de Janeiro, the United States and Russia will serve as the scenery of hostilities. In addition to single player mode, we have a multiplayer game and a cooperative mode.

2. Sniper Elite 4 – PC, PS4, XONE; release date: 14.02.2017

The main character of the game is Karl Fairburne. This time we get to the Apennine Peninsula. His task is to prepare the ground for the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Italy. Main missions have been varied by side missions. The goal of the game is to eliminate as many enemies as possible. Thanks to this, we go further in the story. In the multiplayer mode, we can use several ways of fun, known from previous parts of the page. This is one of the few games that revolves around being a sniper.

1. Call of Duty: WWII – PC, PS4, XONE; release date: 3.11.2017

The first place belongs to the game still fresh. The latest title from the Activision Blizzard stable. We play the role of a member of the 1st Infantry Division - Daniels. Campaign mode begins June 6, 1944. We land in Normandy on D-Day. We take part in key battles of World War II. From the first perspective we can see the offensive in the Ardennes, the liberation of Paris, as well as the march on Berlin. We must cooperate with comrades-in-arms, ask them for a first aid kit or to supplement their ammunition. New is the War mode and Headquarters. In addition to the above modes, we can take part in the classic multiplayer game.

Why does shooting give us so much pleasure? Most of us have rivalry in our blood and the need to be an "alpha male". War games and shooters allow us to survive, say, "friendly" atmosphere, and not somewhere on the street by punching someone in the face. Each of us wants to feel like a fighting soldier or to remember the old moments with a warrior, or to become a commander. In addition, war games are very good training for the mind, because they require a lot of focus and much more logical skills. So if your women next time ask why you play so much or why you have to play so much, then tell them that you train the spirit and fight for honor! I assure you that each of these games will draw you in for hours, if not weeks..
Christmas is coming, I'm not suggesting anything, but woman, think about a man! ;)

Author: JD

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