#zostańwdomu or go to the forest

#zostańwdomu or go to the forest

In the current situation, the best solution is to stay at home and avoid large crowds of people to minimize the risk of contracting SARS-CoV-2 virus. In the long run, however, it is very difficult and our body will sooner or later demand contact with nature. Many of us also have dogs that need to be walked out. Going to the forest with appropriate safety measures will certainly help us survive this extraordinary period.

How to get to the forest?

If you live in close proximity to a forest, you are in an ideal situation as you will not meet many people along the way. What if you are far from the forest? Choose individual transport such as a car, bicycle or motorcycle. As your destination, choose less frequented forests, far from towns and villages. Definitely avoid city parks if there are a lot of walkers.

I am on the spot, what next?

Communing with nature has a very positive effect on our health. In some countries, doctors prescribe forest walks by prescription. An hour-long walk is also a great idea to relax, which in general will have a positive effect on our health during a pandemic. However, if you have more time to spend in the forest, you can practice or learn new skills in the field of survival or bushcraft.

Build a camp

This is a good opportunity to build a camp in the forest. Working on your own forest camp is great fun with children, or an opportunity to practice this skill. You can light a Dakota Fire Hole and enjoy a delicious meal prepared by yourself in beautiful natural surroundings. Remember! In Polish forests, you can light fire only in designated places, while maintaining safety measures.

Learn how to use flint

Have you ever lit a fire with a flint? In times of easy access to lighters or matches, hardly anyone can use it. It is a very useful skill that should be mastered. See how to light a fire without using synthetic kindling.

Obtain drinking water

You can also try to get drinking water during this time. Build a water filter yourself or use professional filters. Remember! Draw water only from uncontaminated springs. Mountain streams are not the best place to obtain drinking water. Drink it only after proper filtering and boiling. You can also use cleansing tablets.

Take the azimuth with the compass

Nowadays, you always have a smartphone with GPS navigation with you, which you use while driving or when you are in a foreign city, when you want to find a recommended restaurant. What if the battery in the phone dies or the GPS system is turned off? Then it is worth knowing how to use the compass and a map. You can use such a forest walk to learn this skill. Try to "get lost" on purpose, and then get out of the forest by choosing the azimuth.

These are just a few suggestions for making good use of your time in the forest. With caution and prudence, you can walk, rest and relax there in the way you like best. Are you physically active, but you can't train in the gym right now because it's closed? See how to do a training in the forest! It's a great variety to your training and a way to stay in shape.

Author: Paweł Zarzycki

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