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Kangaroo jacket - the best choice for fall

When it gets a little cooler outside, you should take care of your body's thermal comfort. The change from warm summer days to gloomy fall can be drastic. Before you know it, the day is shorter. For cold autumn mornings and evenings, wear a kangaroo jacket. Each of us likes it when the feeling of warmth in clothes goes hand in hand with the comfort of wearing. A combination of these two functions will give you the kangaroo jacket. Why is this a good choice? See for yourself.

How to build a simple shelter?

As the sun goes down, you should give up your activities and start looking for a shelter. In the mountains, it gets dark faster than on the plains, and it is difficult to prepare a place to rest in conditions of limited visibility. Lack of a shelter in the face of wind, rain and low temperatures can lead to hypothermia, i.e. a drop in body temperature below 35 degrees Celsius. This condition leads directly to death.

How to protect yourself from the sun? Effective ways

Summer is reaching its zenith. Even so, it does not make us burn as much as last year. However, you should definitely take care of protecting your head from the sun's rays. Even if you don't always feel that the sun is troubling your body, the effects can be very negative. Therefore, we would like to present you some proven and effective ways to protect the head and body from the sun.

Water on the trail - treatment

It was getting dark, so I started building the shelter. The lack of water was not a problem, or so I thought then. It is true that I hadn't had a drink for several hours and the last sip was left in the bottle, but according to the map the mountain spring was only 300 meters from my camp. What could have gone wrong?

Where to look for wilderness?

You often ask how I find uninhabited areas, ask for links to portals that collect them. It's not that easy. If it were so banal, would these places still be wild? Exactly... Whenever I look for an area for survival training, I look for a satellite photo of a selected mountain range on the screen, and I unfold a paper tourist map in front of me.

An outdoor and military store Milworld.com

Welcome to our online store. This is an ideal place for lovers of all kinds of activities, survivalists, hunters, anglers, globetrotters, travelers, as well as ordinary tourists who prefer a bivouac under the open sky instead of comfy hotels. We would like to encourage you to check our offer.

We operate as a typical military shop, offering a wide range of products dedicated to people interested in military and survival, and also as an outdoor shop offering products for travelers, trekkers, hunters and anglers. Among hundreds of our products you will find excellent quality MultiCam clothing, military footwear, tactical gear, useful camping equipment, various hunting accessories, optical devices, travel bags and rucksacks, as well as many other interesting items that might become useful before the expedition into the unexplored forests, jungles or deserts.
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